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Exon is a free, Open-Source game development framework for .NET.
The goal of Exon is to help beginners, as well as advanced users to develop 2D and 3D
games using their language of choice (C# / VB), be it for educational or commercial purposes.

Exon is licensed under the MIT License and allows the redistribution, copying,
modification and commercial use, without any charge.

Download the SDK
Version 3.2
Released on June 13, 2014
Release Notes and other Downloads


.NET Based

With a primary focus on C# and Visual Basic.

Game Framework

Handles all the low-level game-specific parts for you,
such as game windows, loops and device management.

2D & 3D

Easy-to-use API utilizing Direct3D 11 and the HLSL Effects framework,
including efficient rendering of sprites and fonts.

Content Pipeline

Automatically precompiles assets to ensure
secured and quick-loading game content.


Easy-to-use playback of WAV sound effects and OGG music including reverb effects and 3D sounds.


Event-based and polled input for mouse and keyboard.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 8(.x) Desktop
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista with SP2

Planned Platforms

  • Mac OS (Mono)
  • Linux (Mono)